Catch me this Friday on South Tacoma Way. I have been selected as one of Church Cantina’s Twilight Vendors.

Church Cantina Poster

A Confluence of Macabre and Amazing!

Danse Macabre
DJ Keypr & DJ Eir Flux

This Friday I will be posted up in the shadows just outside of Church Cantina on South Tacoma Way. Myself and select local vendors join forces for a special edition of Danse Macabre from 8pm – 1:30. Come embrace the darkness with delicious food and enchanting beverages, while being entranced by the musical selections of DJ Keypr & DJ Eir Flux.

April 12th 8pm – 1:30AM
Church Cantina 5240 South Tacoma Way

Back from the dead!

Also I have resurrected the Occult Baby Head Cup from 2019! This little guy is the perfect vessel for all your sacred spells!

Let’s take a moment to appreciate “Occult”. The perfect gift for that special witch or warlock in your life. This particular Baby Head Cup comes complete with SpellLok TM already installed. Which makes it the perfect vessel for wishes, curses, hopes, and dreams. SpellLok TM has been specially designed to keep spells fresh and supple so when its time to enchant they are as potent as the day you conjured them. The Occult Baby Head Cup is available here!

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