Custom Silver Decals

I have been developing a line of custom tumblers for the past year. It’s a competitive market for certain types of customizable glassware however most of the methods are often limited to screen printing or laser etching your image or logo. I am currently pursuing something a little more dynamic and versatile.

The “Decal Cup” is a unique and easily customizable product. Slogans imagery anything you can think of can be applied to this product. cut ly is a process that I have refined that allows me to cut designs into silver foil.  a silver foil design is cut then applied to the bottom of a traditional drinking glass before going into a cylinder mold.

The Tacoma Tumbler

Tacoma has a fierce reputation as a tight community, with a dynamic culture, amazing artistry, and refreshing beverages. Yes Tacoma is a drinking town and what better way to combine all of these amazing facets of life than with customized glassware. Introducing the “Tacoma Tumbler” Whether drinking with friends or toasting to enemies the Tacoma Tumbler is the perfect glass for the occasion. Perfect for a high ball, a low ball, shots, or whatever you’re into.  these glasses are dishwasher safe and feel natural in the hand and inviting to the mouth. The dynamic element that sets these cups apart from your average drinking glass is the silver foil graphic emblazoned on the bottom. As one works down their beverage the uplifting and powerful slogan reveals itself meeting you face to face. Often the silver graphic is applied upon raw glass color that reacts with the chemical composition of the silver creating new, unique and often unpredictable hues. Each micro run is a little different. I cut the decals in my studio personally so there is always something new.

Pictured below, the “Tacoma Love” series is aptly named. Tacoma, the city where love never sleeps.

Tacoma Love is now available for sale here in our web store.