I wanted to produce an intimate sculptural piece that resonates with the cultural of the Pacific Northwest. Additionally I want this piece to be approachable to young collectors, keeping in line with today’s smaller more minimal aesthetic. These pieces must be contemporary and timeless. Expertly crafted while embodying my personal design sensibility. Allow me to introduce your new Trophy. These are small intimate works that honor you the hunter, the hunter of style, the hunter of glam. No camo no guns no hiding in the brush in the rain waiting to kill something. This is a Trophy you can have for your own. keep reading below to see the diversity of these elegant sculptural works.

Each of my Trophy skulls are approximately 8 inches in the largest dimension and are produced in an array of colors and designs. I employ silver leaf and striking powders on some and others I let the transparency of the class speak for itself. Each piece is available as a stand alone object or mounted on a stand or wall piece. These sculptural works are available on my Fulcrum Gallery sales platform.

Ruby Silver Deer Skull

Transparent ruby sheathed in silver leaf, a classic and especially blingy look. Inspired by Venetian sculptural sensibilities exploiting a similar use of precious metals and striking colors.  Ruby Deer Skull is approximately 8 in. wide and is the first from my Trophy Series to be completed with a display stand. As with many pieces of art the mounting and framing are often more involved than the creation of the artwork itself. This Piece is currently available for sale through Fulcrum Gallery.

Opaline Deer Skull

I love this little skull. I am very happy with the way the details came out, how it was sculpted, and most importantly the color. It is produced from Opaline glass that gives it translucent whites and milky blue highlights. Ultimately this piece was a gift for my Mothers 70th birthday. Doesn’t she look great!


Kelsey is a lovely marriage of aesthetics. The Heavy Metal look of this particular skull paired with a smashed audio receiving board became the perfect “Rock n’ Roll” statement. The decision to showcase the warped lines of the destroyed plate gives a humble nod to the varied history these items have had. Kelsey measures 8 x 11 x 6 inches and is currently available for purchase.

Miami 87

One of the fun and essential elements of the Trophy series is experimentation. Toying with color texture and form are what truly make this a creative art form. Glass is an incredibly unique material, a chameleon of sorts. It can mimic wood, stone, quartz, but nothing can mimic glass, except for plastic, but that doesn’t count. With this piece Miami 87 I am playing with multiple tones, the colors both a teal and a robins egg blue combine in this unique marriage. Icy blue of the antlers lightly contrast the turquoise skull and the silver surface lends a degree of age and weathering.