A symbolic nod to our lovely planet. GlassEarth renders our precious home in aquarian blues, crisp polar whites, and smoky silver continental forms. This handmade globe floats within a four-inch glass sphere. A signed collectable paperweight with a polished base. Oceans currents are clearly visible and the continents are rendered in a textured surface cut out of raw silver sheets. GlassEarth is topped with crisp white polar caps and rewards the viewer with a well-deserved moment of introspection.

Glass Earth is available for purchase exclusively from Fulcrum Gallery.

Just like any hand crafted product there is a substantial amount of preparation and development that goes into each piece. It is often necessary to fabricate specific tools for each product. Glass is a responsive material, each time I go into the studio I learn a little bit more about my process. A finished artwork is an amalgamation of this constantly evolving practice. The experiences are nuanced, from a simple preference of the finished forms or the subtle differences in coloration due to temperature variation. These factors make every GlassEarth distinctive and every batch slightly different. -Oliver

Here are the many steps it takes to make GlassEarth. The distinctive glass orb design by Oliver Doriss.

Picking up the silver decal on a blue glass post.

Shaping the earth by hand with jacks.

Tidying up the planet with my ring tool.

The globe is suspended on a clear post to achieve the floating effect.

The blue glass is still red hot before it cools.

The first gather is the most important.

Molten glowing earth.

The final gather must be free of impurities.

A light touch makes a beautiful form.