Diamond Facets

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These colorful Wine Bulbs are the perfect vessel for your favorite Riesling. Or perhaps you’re more of the atmospheric type and the colored ambiance from a votive candle is more of your thing. The unique diamond patterned surface is achieved using a traditional Italian brass mold. The resulting texture redistributes the colored surface creating semi transparent windows throughout the wall of the form. The Diamond Facet Wine Bulb is 4 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide, features a two-tone color fade and they are dishwasher safe.                  

* Not safe for HOT beverages however.

My products are created by hand using traditional glass blowing techniques. This unique process allows for distinctive variations and marks in the glass. These are natural result of manufacturing and add to the authenticity of our product experience. All of the work produced by Oliver Doriss Designs LLC is held to the highest of standards.

I use a hand made Italian brass mold to create the faceted surface texture.

Because the glass is thin you have to move quickly.